Welcome to the site!

Looking for somewhere to practice your art, 5 minutes at a time?

This is your place!

The challenge

The challenge here is to create art within a time limit of 5 minutes or less. The title of the website does say drawings; however, the art completed can be of any medium, from paintings to collections of photos. The sky is the limit! The only rule is that it must be created within 5 minutes (although, there is a set of uploading rules that you must follow if you would like your art featured). Please refer to the ‘rules and regulations’ page if you would like your art featured.

Types of posts

I do four types of posts here at 5minutesdrawings: Art posts, in which I post a number of art pieces completed within 5 minutes, featured artists, in which I post a semi-detailed biography and art showcase of a specific artist, featured art resources, in which I post about a handy resource that will help improve your art, and post round-ups, where I gather all the artwork posted that week and post it together.

Update schedule

New art posts and blog updates are posted Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday,

Featured artist posts are posted on Mondays,

Featured art resources are posted on Fridays,

And post round ups are posted on Saturdays.